Thursday, January 1, 2015

your birth month

hopefully little bean
He is growing growing
we have now entered into the final month! 
holy cow might be the first thing to say :) 
so excited that we get to meet him soon, but hoping he says cozy for a little bit longer

34 weeks he is the size of a cantaloupe

36 weeks he is as long as romaine lettuce 

Pregnancy facts of week 34-36
not too much different 
1. a few more potty breaks at night
2. a few more tighter shirts
3. bit more tired at night
4. his nursery is coming right along.  I have washed and got the crib ready, blankets, clothes
waiting on a few more decorations but it almost complete
sometimes I just hangout out in there and 'organize' in his room...aka nesting!?!
5. even started packing the hospital bag and got lots of diapers

we are getting ready for you little bean
savoring lazy days but 
more and more excited each day!

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