Saturday, February 25, 2017

good to be back

to my littlest buddy
but now my big buddies are gone

back to the norm with this little ones feels great!
books in bed
and snugs

post nap blanket snugs

running errands with grammy :)

choo choo in the morning

helping with laundry haha!  

blowing the leaves
he is a worker

post nap 
Books. snacks

and snugs!
my favorite

then a quick trip to the gardens
before grammy and grandpa leave for Florida 

oh my the butterflies are out!

looking for the with grams

and the beautiful spring flowers are out

it was SO nice out
60s in February
Arie ran outside in a tshirt the whole time

at grandmas and grandpas for dinner
he has been extra snuggles
which i dont mind 

after dinner
helping grandpa pack
and one last pic with the truck before it was off to Florida! 

had to pack in the fun before they left
now lots of facetime!!
so we don't miss them to much :) 

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