Friday, February 11, 2011

scale of one to ten

on the productivity level. I would say about a two, but we are moving up this afternoon. At least that is what I promise to myself.

Why so unproductive today at work?

[One] Backstreets back Alright! BECAUSE I had to be on at 10am to purchase backstreet/new kids on the block tickets! But got them! Bring on the fun come may 26, 2001. I will be rocking it with miss g, b, al, kim, and kp! woot woot!

[Two] I had a visitor! This little bundle stopped by for his first of MANY mes visits. He did sleep the whole time, but i still got to ohh and ahh and smell my favorite like peanut!

[Three] Now i am blogging, so as my boss would say [if he ever said things like this] Get back to work yo!

Happy Friday everyone!! rock it out!

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