Saturday, February 19, 2011

sleeping like a rock, apparently

last night was girls night + one [baby ben style]

evenings agenda: cuddle, smell, play, feed, diaper duty
discussion: ben ben bens eating, burping and diaper duty
grammy and auntie volunteered for night duty.
so it was suppose to be a tag team duty.
11:30 [round one] auntie warmed up bottle, grammy feed, burped and changed. auntie entertained sleeping baby. success!
3:30 [round two] auntie didn't hear a thing. grammy warmed the bottle, feed, burped and changed the diaper. auntie...still slept!
6:30 [round three] auntie HEARD mr. peanut. auntie kicks grammy to get up, grammy says your turn. auntie warms bottle, feeds, burps, and changes diaper.
7:30 [round three cont] mommy is awake and takes mr. peanut while auntie goes back to bed!
SUCCESS success! we did it!

How did i spend my Saturday?
First finished getting my ben fix. morning play

Followed by, snowboarding
Thank you patient gwen for
2. allowing me to hold on to you while getting off the chair lift [everytime]
3. for excusing my curse words in front of children
4. for limiting the laughs when I was headed down the steepest part of the hill
5. for showing me the ropes all over again, including trying to go backwards
6. for not laughing when five year olds pasted us
7. for asking and being concerned about the poor bum
Thank you miss g unit, maybe next time i won't be so scared! [if there is a next time!]

Followed by couch, then dinner at Brandywine
Followed by another bust of a pick at Family video. I guess if you have never heard of it and there are four copies or less at the store, then my suggestion [after many failed attempts] would be to just pass!


  1. I think we have a really cute nephew. :)

    As for the snowboarding, you are far braver than I...and as movies go, no one picks "interesting" movies (aka busts) like Mike.