Friday, February 4, 2011

book review [part two]

Book: A minor indiscretion
Author: Carole Mathew
Synopses: A married woman has a minor indiscretion [or major in my mind!] aka an affair with a younger artist boy that she meets on the street, after he draws a beautiful portrait of her. Her husband of course finds out, they separate and in return he has an affair with two different woman, but since minor is in the can guess in the end he comes back and rescues her from her lover that no longer can handle her kids and the cancer that she has found out she has and they live happily ever after! bah!
Reading time: a little less than a month
Rating: so-so. It did have some funny parts [written with some British humor] so kinda cute, kinda not.
recommend: maybe, if you got nothing else on your plate.

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