Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you for real?

can you believe it!?!? I am still in awe! MES closed, first time EVER, yes EVER! [well at least for me. dad, brother, cousin made it in!] But not I! It took me over 2 hrs to shovel, dig, plow my way out of the driveway!

What else did i do on this day. This special day that was was deemed:

First: Opened the side door to this!

Second: open the garage to this!

Third: Finally made my way to this!

Fourth: Sat on this, not pictured: couch!
Fifth: got to do a little of this bliss!

Added in a little of this!

Sixth: take a walk to walgreens in this!

Also went to Meijers: OPEN! mall and family bookstore: CLOSED!

I definitely enjoyed my VERY UNEXPECTED snow day! Last time i had that turn the clock off lay in bed feeling was 12th grade. Oh how i missed you, may you come again another day!
Happy working tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad you got to experience how wonderful a grown-up snow day is!

  2. haha I love that this post is titled 'You for Real' hahhahahahahha It's so ghetto of you! :)