Monday, January 2, 2017

new years eve

time to celebrate 2016
It has been a good year.  

ringing in the new year
Started out with cousins

she loved combing his hair
and he didn't mind either :)

later a bike to the end of the street to see Ho HO HO

then walk down to the island

a little hot chocolate
he couldn't get enough
[even though it was mostly just heated up milk haha...mama]

all dressed and ready to party

out to dinner with friends and cousins

and back to our house for dessert and chatting
all the kiddos and their ice cream

lucky boy

loved the noise maker

last family photo of 2016

actually sitting and watching a movie

then it was off to bed for Arie
mama and papa made up to just midnight
a fun night with friends
goodbye 2016 hello 2017

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