Friday, January 27, 2017

these are a few

of my favorite things
should be a reoccurring post on the blog
bc Arie has a lots of favorite things daily

so here are a few of the latest
helping make his pancakes
aka getting to hit the buttons

snacks and this chair
so fun to push all over the house and allows for access of things that are to high to react

going to grandma and grandpas
and pushing the buggies around/playing chase

his stuffed animals
and choo choos on tv

looking at the Christmas lights on the tree
yup still on...he loves them so much I dont want J to take them down 

mr. Elephant
and the Aussie open

trucks and bats at grammys

a motorcycle vroom that grammy let us take home
pry it out of his hands to sleep at night :) 

the chair again
and choo choo books

cousins at grammys

the chair
the motorcycle
and wearing mamas shoes ...ekkk ;-)

little chairs/ladders to higher level accress

little spots to sit

likes to be a helper
aka take all the laundry out of the baskets

he LOVES to vacuum
will point to the door and beg :) 

scooter in the garage bc it is too cold outside

and the trusty chair again

and this is the first installment of 
'these are a few of my favorite things'

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