Thursday, August 4, 2016

we headed back up

to the TC!!
Grammy and Grandpa time
and then time with friends! 
it was lovely!

thank you buddy for sleeping the whole way there 

who doesnt want to start vacation with a little vacuuming! :) 

off to the park

then a bike!
SO SO SO excited!

and a beautiful sunset

breakfast on the deck
want some!

someone want to take me on the bike
hint hint

he won
a bike to the splash pad!

then off to the beach

in his glory

what! splashing grandpa is so fun!

and then corn for dinner!

and a bike to the store again
and why not ask to wear the helmet into the store 

morning dishes with grammy
please let me help!

Then our friends showed up!
Moses and Arie playing with the hose
does it get any better!

so glad we could spend the afternoon together

a walk to the park after dinner
Miss Molly and Betsy stayed with us!

a quick morning walk
he was sure excited

and a walk on the beach before it was time to head home

couple more pics with Miss Molly :) 

mama buddies!
we had such a fun time with them!
come back again

great time away!
we love TC!

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