Tuesday, August 23, 2016

silly. pure MI. run

we had a packed out weekend 
we had a quick trip up to TC and then back home to see Js friend participate in his first ironman!

we started off the weekend being a silly
finding papas shoes

off to the park to before we need to get in the car

zonked about 5 mins in

once we arrived it was off to dinner
and Friday night lights in downtown TC

huge bubbles!!

loving the grandpa

a cooler and then rainy Saturday
but didnt hurt the fun
started with a bike

then shopping before 
a drive up to Leland and lunch on the way

back to TC
a little playing in the basement

trying to find ways to stay busy
hide and seek Arie :) 

your turn grandpa

the rain finally stopped 
so back outside to play

then it was time to head home

the next morning after church we headed out to watch Mr. CJ

playing at home

 then back to Mr. CJs race
a little bike and the park to kill some time

and that is all we packed in :) 

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