Sunday, July 10, 2016

relax and go

there is usually more go in our day then relax
but there is some of both :) 

finishing the day with a bit of relaxing on the deck

then playing in the chair

go go at the pool

but taking a minute to relax with grandpa and grandma!

off to mow the lawn mama!

go go to a new park

but took a minute to sit and relax with his friend Molly and Aunt Betsy!

go go to another new park with papa

these swings were really cool!

taking a break on the step

then off in the wagon

relaxing on the deck again

the most relaxed
eventually he had to crash :)
and I will never pass up a sweet snuggle!

back at it
riding his truck while vroom vrooming with the boat key

go go on the deck
watering the plants 

taking a minute to relax in his chair

taking a break in the kitchen!

all done mama 
all done!

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