Monday, March 28, 2016


part 1 of LOTS of pictures :)
This year Arie and I were able to spend about two and half weeks in Florida
with Jason and the Paters and then with my parents and Jeff and Betsy
J went home after a week, so thankful for my parents taking me and Arie in for the rest of the trip!

We had a great time!
Arie LOVED being outside and being able to go in the pool. beach and parks

So thankful for the time away

Here is the week with papa around
fasten your seat belt.  ready for take off!

First day at the pool

with grandma and grandpa pater

then we hit the beach

loving the sand

visiting grandpa and grandma lipinskis condo.
they had a playset.  Arie loved the slide!

morning walks!

moving in with grandma and grandpa lipinski mid week

and Aries cousins arrived!

these two were little buddies
which I LOVED

beach time

favorite spot.  well one of them
the water fourtain

morning at the park

and nights at sunset park

sleepy afternoons in the stroller

one last dinner with papa

Anne got down and went over to Arie and was hugging him
then he hugged her and gave her a kiss
they were so silly together

we had a great week together!

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