Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Florida continued...

more pictures. hooray! :)

After Jason and his parents headed home..we still had a couple days with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Betsy

Beach fun with Ben

and grandpa

then a little shuffle board while waiting for dinner to be made :)

a walk to ice cream.  a vacation must!

sunset park 

will you dance with me grandma.  please
his favorite

a morning cuddle with Ben

then it was off to the park

a St. Pattys day Parade
lots of candy!

Arie was very uncertain of it all
never let go of me the whole time

and their last morning with with
calls for a morning snuggle with grammy

then everyone left for theater of the sea
which is a little old for Arie
so we opted to play on the beach instead!

a grocery cart ride with grandpa when they got back

back to sunset park

and that was a wrap
now another ten days with just grammy and grandpa :)

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  1. Next year we gotta coordinate...something was already offered/mentioned in passing?!