Sunday, March 7, 2010

fiesta friday+shower saturday=lazy sunday

Time: 6
Location: shatto’s
Guest list: em, me, betsy, beth, kim, al and sarah
Food: potluck of mexico
Games: most likely and the name game
Entertainment: la piñata, nearly wet my pants

Location: kalamazoo country club
Guest list: amy, al, kim, kp, and me and our mothers
Food: chicken and rice and chocolate covered strawberries
Games: the guessing game and the interview
Entertainment: we are always entertained with each other and conversations

parents are back. so church, lunch, walk with mom, taxes with dad.
reeds walk with shatto and then we watched a movie. lets just say i am o for 2. booo
bring on monday. repeat the fun!


  1. I love the way you write your blogs... passed by the OPI store the other day, have yet to go in though... it's on my list before coming home this summer. Any requests on colors?

  2. aaaahh definitely make it a priority…colors colors colors omg anything!!!!!! i think we will need to have a nail party also this summer!!