Thursday, March 18, 2010

don’t pinch me.

St.pattys.festivities. wore green to work. Sported a green cardy out. Did not partake in green beer [they didn’t have it and not really a big deal, just wanted to see if it would turn my teeth green] and didn’t get a shamrock shake. opppsss, next year!?!?! But on a better note, I was able to learn [sort of] and new card game and hangout with some cool folk.

Tomorrow. Shall roadtrip it up with my dear friend betsy to Chicago. Ipod, snacks, mags, Meijer black cherry pop, camera, large vera. Yup sounds like a repeat of most roadtrips I take!! Lets do it. We will be attending a shower for laura!

Tomorrow. shall fill out march madness fun bracket. Is it too late?? I will say no. since all my picks will be a random guess anyway. and i didnt see who won today anyway.

Oh today was my half birthday! Ha! On top of the hill today…..roll on roll on!

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