Thursday, March 11, 2010

today’s mission[s] besides caffeine

MISSION: to determine how many times I answer the phone in one day between eight and five, with a lunch break of about thirty minutes.
WHY [such a grand idea] to validate the fact that I am just a robot whenever a phone rings and to alleviate my embarrassment of the cellphone yesterday.
RESULTS: I repeated in a happy perky oh so glad you choose to call “merchandise equipment and supply” how can I serve your needs, even when you ask crazy things or are extremely rude ---- sixty eight times.
MY REACTION: Validation??? I checked marked - - - yes!

MISSION: went to target in hopes of finding st pattys cheesy wear.
WHY: Because tomorrow I will be part of a bowling team [omg I ask for forgiveness in advance. Calvin may provide a great education but bowling 101 did not increase my skills] in hopes to raise money for my friend beths work’s cause. She has requested, as a team member that we wear something green or st pattyish.
RESULTS: nada. Thank you retail world for skipping current holidays before they happen and jumping to the next. Because everything in the dollar bins at target are now Easter.
MY REACTION: I shall improvise for tomorrows wear. I am sure I have something green and most likely a strand of mardi gras beads lying around, and in my mind that will suffice.

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  1. I love your blog and your randomness! random on my friend! :)