Tuesday, March 23, 2010


don’t go to jail.
filled it out. Count me in. did my duty. law abiding citizen.

great picture of the week.
lady’s new lipstick line.

yesterday as em and I were minding our own business. Just having a friendly conversation about the healthcare plan, just informing each other what it was about and just chatting---again minding our own business. Now if you know me pretty well, I am not one to totally engage in politics bc a. i just do not pay that much attention. B. people usually set way in their ways and not going to change. [both may not be valid but the way I think] Well anyway as I was saying as we were minding our own business….a lady next to use goes to em. Excuse but if I may say something, in that tone. And you know know what tone I am talking about. And goes on to share how what we were discussing was wrong…really!?!?! Now seriously was this the time or the place. It just frustrates me. We are at the gym and I do not know you and unfortunately I do not care what you think, especially when you are being rude about it. OMG did I want to jump right out of my gym socks.

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