Monday, March 15, 2010

miss lg I still listen faithfully.


got in the car. bad romance. miss LG
get to the gym, up the stairs. bad romance. miss LG
get back in the chair. bad romance. miss LG

Thought it should be such a good day, but ummm a little unmotivated @ the mes today. But we made it though another work day and that is all that counts.


got back in the car. bab romance. miss LG.
back in the car. bad romance. miss LG.
dinner at red ball. walk. finishing the movie - up in the air.

Weekend wrap.
Friday. Bowling for kids sake. Miss beths work fundraiser.
[1] strike by shatto, must do the sign [2] waiting for my pink ball and avoiding cigarette smoke [3] bad romance claws, miss LG [4] professional women bowlers and gutter ball hat [5] st. pattys team green. Bowling for kids sake. 20-10. team beth. Emily. Brain. John. Kari.

Saturday. 10 mile run [ymca doesn’t open until 7 on Saturdays, so my advice don’t arrive at 6:48] birch run day trip. i still love cardys. Lazy night with b and em. Watched the movie precious. Glad I saw it, will NEVER watch it again, but would in a way recommend that you see it, with a warning.

Sunday: church. Lunch with family and special guest miss shatto. The pops symphony with mom and sister in law. Walk. Home. tv/movie night.

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