Sunday, March 21, 2010

the fun began at the oasis.

march madness.
Betsy and I filled out a bracket on the way down to laura’s wedding shower. We picked the teams by which names sounded cool and who we thought we heard was good. Unfortunately we were doing pretty good, until Kansas decided to loss [we had them going into the final] all well. I will still be checking scores and keeping my bracket updated!

laura bridal shower.
We stayed with laura’s soon to be aunt sue. Aunt sue went all out. I mean all out. First we were instructed to be out by 9am so that everything would be a surprise when laura got back [which was fine bc we got to hit a huge mall!! H&M! yes please] We were greeted back at the house with flower arch way, rose petals sprinkled on the floor, desserts desserts and more dessert, water bottles with poems on the, our man cave aka accommodations had fresh towel, candy and even a Christmas tree with heart shaped lights. We did stay for the five hours and then headed back through some snow. Snow again. It was a fun day and a great time with laura and betsy. Oh and we stopped at an oasis on the way down---first one ever! Only got a tad lost on the way back. And hit up jimmy johns like it was our job!

new moon
Tonight we rented to movie new moon. I have to admit I really enjoyed the first twilight movie, but I was just so so on this one. Cliff hanger ended leaves me in want for the next one. Which I suggested to shatto we read to books and thought no. who needs to read them. So now I must wait…and that is ok.


  1. Bet's got her hair did! Cute.
    Whats Oasis? I may sounds like a dork for asking that... all well :)

  2. It is a rest stop :) but the ones that go over the high. All the times traveling to Chicago I have never been. Soooo that is all!!