Monday, March 1, 2010

magnificent marge’s doughnut monday

Fun night at john mayer.
Tired morning.
Work busy. Piles growing.
Get to y. parking lot full. Go to second lot.
Get out
lock the doors
Yup! keys inside.
Get inside. find my dear friend shatto. Stress.
Call brother. Delivers house key to my mail box.
Work out.
Jimmy johns pit stop bc we are famished.
Arrive at house. Get spare keys and seafoam snack
Drive past jimmy johns again
Get car.
Drive past jimmy johns again.
Convene in the living room
Relaxation=nails + bachelor
congratulations jake you are now a proud owner of a skanky bitch.
What to look forward to. Miss ali as the next bachelorette. Aka 25 hot men!

Good thing for marge’s birdsnest [energy] doughnut!

and a little concert lovin:

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  1. way to drive by JJ's 3 times! at least you went once! :)