Thursday, July 29, 2010

wrapping it up..rockstar style

tomorrow is Friday! friday Friday we love Fridays! What did the week look like.
Monday: pedis with sarah at douglas j. loved it!!! good time with sarah and men tell all bachelorette...drama!

Tuesday: cooked at em and bethies. Chicken fajitas deliciousnessss! And walked by the set of the movie that is filming ’30 min or less’ we are fame whores!
Wednesday: took an outing to EGR via the bike. And hit some tennis balls with b. we may have been a tad rusty…but it was like riding a bike. We are back in the game. Funny thing: told joey from work that we played tennis and he instantly wants to play me and thinks he can beat me [not saying he wont] but it is funny bc it seems to be that thing if you played tennis people want to play you and or beat you! Ha! Next weekend could be the test. We shall see!

Thursday: Meijer cause MAJOR lack of food. Laurens art show. Her first one! She was very excited, it was cute to see her and her art work [top right up that is the work of art]. Then 800 calls to at&t and then direct tv….long over due but it is over and service call is made….then rollerblading through the hood. Tad bumpy not the best.

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