Monday, July 12, 2010

seven point eleven

Was a special day for many of you bloggers and your free slurpees. I did not partake this year. Drove past and thought about it, but had a big gulp in my hand and thought that was sufficient! So passed on by.
seven point eleven was also a special day because we all have welcomed into the world mr. aiden christopher terveen. Weighing in at 8ld 11oz. he is just a cute little peanut.

Sidenote: why do must I always feel so helpless. Walked to my car tonight after family din din at roses! [so yummie! And pretty out on the patio] and my tire looks flat….uggg. call the brother he says umm yes, drive to my parents and pick up moms car…and now she will take it in tomorrow, while I am at work! Ug ug uggggg!!! And to top it off…rushed to dicks to buy my first pair of rollerblades….and stores do not carry that item! Bust! Shall have to order on line to begin these adventures!

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