Sunday, July 18, 2010

fish on

Times eight, yup eight fish on
The adventure took place out in grand haven. After work em, matt nate and myself headed out to grand haven in preparation for a fishing trip with my uncle don. The original plan was dinner, sleep and up at 5am and head out the deep sea.
BUT thanks to mother nature the plan went more like this: Out to dinner on the deck at kirby, back to the house, talking with my uncle- super windy night, sooo anticipate not an early rising, so more talking with my uncle, more talking with my uncle [he can talk!] then bed. Get up and yes correct-super windy, so yupper pancakes and breakfast it was. It was finally decided we would stick around for an evening outing. So it was a little beach time and swimming. Then down town for lunch, shopping and temptations ice cream and then we FINALLY boarded the boat and were off. Such a beautiful night and we caught fish…well ‘we’ meaning I caught one and em caught one and the boys caught six. [yes my bread stick arms held up, but I am not going to lie my arm is a tad sore today…doesn’t hurt but can tell I reeled in a fish yesterday! Haha] long day but it was a success!

Today was supposed to be a pool party at the vriesman home---rain rain go away…but it didn’t so instead it was an Awesome lunch and game day at the vriesman home. It was a lovely time and the girls pulled through on guesstures.

Update: first outing on the roller blades took place. I ventured down to the white pine trail starting by the whitecaps. Strapped the blades on and I was off…..a few wobbles but not falls!, Got a looking good comment [random] and one hour later and the first time out was a success! I like I like--- will expect more of this to come this summer!

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