Friday, July 16, 2010

can we all say: tgif?

It is 2:32 in the afternoon. It is Friday. email trains are slowing down. I am ready for the weekend. I feel by now I have earned my pay for the week. Plus I can feel I am on the verge of flying off the handle state. Can only stare at the computer screen for so long!
I have had three cups of tea.
I mean this morning was a dragging. Maybe bc I took Nyquil last night…it worked though. Eight full hours of straight-as-a-board-sleep.
So I will tell you a few random things to pass the time by.
1. my nails are frenzy Fiona. Four coats and still not stellar. But love love love the color.
2. went to: letters of Juliet last night. Hopeless romantic betsy loved. I on the other hand…..thought a tad to cheese ball. But to each their own [correct saying?]
3. did find out that bar Louie offers happy hour until 7. it made me happy to get a half off meal.
4. I really like reese pieces. They are just so good.
5. made glutton free cookies last night. Turned out in the oven. Thank you very much. But I pity the person that has a glutton allergy. Bc a. EXPENSIVE b. just doesn’t taste as good.
6. tomorrow I hope my bread stick of arms will allow me to reel in some small alligator sized salmon when we embark on our fishing adventure.
7. lucky number seven: well I like staring at the stars!

Happy freaking weekend to all!

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