Thursday, July 8, 2010

The common denominator

Besides the last name Lipinski!
We like treats! [a delayed post from over the weekend]
I know where my sweet tooth comes from. I have spent the last two weekends in traverse with just the parentals! Ha!
Day one: cherry pie and some ice cream.
Day Two: We biked to toms to get doughnuts and cookies [two kinds that is]. We walked to DQ! [first DQ of the year!] so delicious.
Day three: We walked to the local ice cream joint. Moomers- peanut butter oreo waffle cone! and a few more cookies thrown in there. they were the coconut with chocolate that i have always wanted to try!
A treat filled weekend!

Besides treats we enjoyed a lot of sun! beach! Reading, paddle boating, and even a sailboat ride [even though it was freezing cold water!] but it highlighted my fathers weekend to take us and we had a spectacular view of the blue angles air show. They flew right over us and it was awesome! To top it off we got to see the fireworks and come into to work late Monday! successes with those work chickens!

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  1. Awwwwww TC Weekend! It makes me all nostalgic! and feel like I'm 13 or something! :)