Sunday, July 11, 2010

I saw a clown

A tractor
Many candidates
And beauty queens, which who hasn’t heard. “elbow elbow wrist wrist wipe a tear and blow a kiss” I have it down pat, I could have totally been miss belding.
All of this fun was bundled up at the lowel duckie parade with Emily and mr matt evans. It turned out to be a very soggy parade because the minute we got to the parade route it started to down pour! Not just trickle rain BUT pouring bucket rain. I was so happy I had worn the correct attire of a white shirt…or not! So I strategically held the candy bucket and started passing and running through the rain. It turned out to be a lot of fun! Soggy but fun, and hey we got a free mcdizzles lunch!
What else has been new:

Went to Jusitn and Beckys wedding on Friday night. Very nice wedding. Wonderful cake! True success! It was fun to sit next to my grandma. She doesn’t have a censor button for her mouth. A few quote: 'Hey that could have been you standing up there.' Or sitting behind justins dad and stepmom and mom and saying. 'Well that has be awkward having two wives on each side.' OR asking me is justins stepmom was his sister. Omg….she also doesn’t have a whisper voice!

saw the movie grown ups! Five stars for that if you are looking for a good laugh!

Went to ulta. Three new colors [buy two get one free] my choice frenzy fiona! Yellow!

Went to grand haven today with em! Such a nice day! But we realzed there are sooo many people with tattoos. Tattoos everywhere!

Biked a new route: white pine trail with betsy and Lindsay

Picked raspberries with mom and betsy. Hmm probably the hottest day of the year. 90 something, sweating bullets!

Just found out that ochocincos dating show has begun and viewing it currently.

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  1. great week!
    I especially want to hear more about this grandma of yours- sounds fun!