Monday, July 26, 2010

The plan was the fam stan

Traverse city style
Saturday: rain/clouds sent us shopping and such.
Sunday: sunshine sent us beach bound.
Picture documentation of fun [random] activities.
1. farmers market…baby on board [motherhood store anyone]

2. cherry republic aka samples samples and more samples!

3. jiggings heard of them…they are EVERYWHERE...did you know this was such a hit!!! i didnt...until now!

4. roller blading adventures with pa and ma

5. some one got a hold of my camera and wanted to be apart of the blog

6. people people and more people, gotta stay up on my pop culture!

7. paddle boat time

8. jeff is part of the family...he just didnt make it in any pictures. get use to it. once 'baby' arrives he will be down to 4th on the list! :)

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  1. I read the entire Carrie Underpants wedding article in the line at Meijer - long line = free read!