Friday, July 30, 2010

i am going blog wild

Practically salivating while reading some of these amazing cooking blogs! Trying to think of ways to adapt this goodness into my life.

This is the most recent find of goodness..umm hello
Titles like: chocolate chip melt-in-your mouth moments. Muddy/buddy puppy chow. Death by vanilla bars. Salty and Sweet Pretzel Fudge. And the list goes on and on.

don't drool to much. read. enjoy. try. bake. AND feel free to share.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

wrapping it up..rockstar style

tomorrow is Friday! friday Friday we love Fridays! What did the week look like.
Monday: pedis with sarah at douglas j. loved it!!! good time with sarah and men tell all bachelorette...drama!

Tuesday: cooked at em and bethies. Chicken fajitas deliciousnessss! And walked by the set of the movie that is filming ’30 min or less’ we are fame whores!
Wednesday: took an outing to EGR via the bike. And hit some tennis balls with b. we may have been a tad rusty…but it was like riding a bike. We are back in the game. Funny thing: told joey from work that we played tennis and he instantly wants to play me and thinks he can beat me [not saying he wont] but it is funny bc it seems to be that thing if you played tennis people want to play you and or beat you! Ha! Next weekend could be the test. We shall see!

Thursday: Meijer cause MAJOR lack of food. Laurens art show. Her first one! She was very excited, it was cute to see her and her art work [top right up that is the work of art]. Then 800 calls to at&t and then direct tv….long over due but it is over and service call is made….then rollerblading through the hood. Tad bumpy not the best.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The plan was the fam stan

Traverse city style
Saturday: rain/clouds sent us shopping and such.
Sunday: sunshine sent us beach bound.
Picture documentation of fun [random] activities.
1. farmers market…baby on board [motherhood store anyone]

2. cherry republic aka samples samples and more samples!

3. jiggings heard of them…they are EVERYWHERE...did you know this was such a hit!!! i didnt...until now!

4. roller blading adventures with pa and ma

5. some one got a hold of my camera and wanted to be apart of the blog

6. people people and more people, gotta stay up on my pop culture!

7. paddle boat time

8. jeff is part of the family...he just didnt make it in any pictures. get use to it. once 'baby' arrives he will be down to 4th on the list! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

hit me on the, what?

k. f. wern is a mechanical company...not a doctors office. yet one of my options to get a hold of them was via phone, fax or PAGE.
oh i so wanted to hit the pager but i resisted.

Monday, July 19, 2010

too much of the dough

the cookie dough that is. too many samples while creating THE Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. They will make a delicious 29th birthday treat [happy birthday joey] but right now my tummy is not happy with me.

-photo, recipe and idea complements of bake at 350-

Sunday, July 18, 2010

fish on

Times eight, yup eight fish on
The adventure took place out in grand haven. After work em, matt nate and myself headed out to grand haven in preparation for a fishing trip with my uncle don. The original plan was dinner, sleep and up at 5am and head out the deep sea.
BUT thanks to mother nature the plan went more like this: Out to dinner on the deck at kirby, back to the house, talking with my uncle- super windy night, sooo anticipate not an early rising, so more talking with my uncle, more talking with my uncle [he can talk!] then bed. Get up and yes correct-super windy, so yupper pancakes and breakfast it was. It was finally decided we would stick around for an evening outing. So it was a little beach time and swimming. Then down town for lunch, shopping and temptations ice cream and then we FINALLY boarded the boat and were off. Such a beautiful night and we caught fish…well ‘we’ meaning I caught one and em caught one and the boys caught six. [yes my bread stick arms held up, but I am not going to lie my arm is a tad sore today…doesn’t hurt but can tell I reeled in a fish yesterday! Haha] long day but it was a success!

Today was supposed to be a pool party at the vriesman home---rain rain go away…but it didn’t so instead it was an Awesome lunch and game day at the vriesman home. It was a lovely time and the girls pulled through on guesstures.

Update: first outing on the roller blades took place. I ventured down to the white pine trail starting by the whitecaps. Strapped the blades on and I was off…..a few wobbles but not falls!, Got a looking good comment [random] and one hour later and the first time out was a success! I like I like--- will expect more of this to come this summer!

Friday, July 16, 2010

can we all say: tgif?

It is 2:32 in the afternoon. It is Friday. email trains are slowing down. I am ready for the weekend. I feel by now I have earned my pay for the week. Plus I can feel I am on the verge of flying off the handle state. Can only stare at the computer screen for so long!
I have had three cups of tea.
I mean this morning was a dragging. Maybe bc I took Nyquil last night…it worked though. Eight full hours of straight-as-a-board-sleep.
So I will tell you a few random things to pass the time by.
1. my nails are frenzy Fiona. Four coats and still not stellar. But love love love the color.
2. went to: letters of Juliet last night. Hopeless romantic betsy loved. I on the other hand…..thought a tad to cheese ball. But to each their own [correct saying?]
3. did find out that bar Louie offers happy hour until 7. it made me happy to get a half off meal.
4. I really like reese pieces. They are just so good.
5. made glutton free cookies last night. Turned out in the oven. Thank you very much. But I pity the person that has a glutton allergy. Bc a. EXPENSIVE b. just doesn’t taste as good.
6. tomorrow I hope my bread stick of arms will allow me to reel in some small alligator sized salmon when we embark on our fishing adventure.
7. lucky number seven: well I like staring at the stars!

Happy freaking weekend to all!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i bought myself

some roller blades.
no pads or helmet [may have been advised more than once]
BUT i want to giver a try.
bring on the adventurers!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

seven point eleven

Was a special day for many of you bloggers and your free slurpees. I did not partake this year. Drove past and thought about it, but had a big gulp in my hand and thought that was sufficient! So passed on by.
seven point eleven was also a special day because we all have welcomed into the world mr. aiden christopher terveen. Weighing in at 8ld 11oz. he is just a cute little peanut.

Sidenote: why do must I always feel so helpless. Walked to my car tonight after family din din at roses! [so yummie! And pretty out on the patio] and my tire looks flat….uggg. call the brother he says umm yes, drive to my parents and pick up moms car…and now she will take it in tomorrow, while I am at work! Ug ug uggggg!!! And to top it off…rushed to dicks to buy my first pair of rollerblades….and stores do not carry that item! Bust! Shall have to order on line to begin these adventures!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I saw a clown

A tractor
Many candidates
And beauty queens, which who hasn’t heard. “elbow elbow wrist wrist wipe a tear and blow a kiss” I have it down pat, I could have totally been miss belding.
All of this fun was bundled up at the lowel duckie parade with Emily and mr matt evans. It turned out to be a very soggy parade because the minute we got to the parade route it started to down pour! Not just trickle rain BUT pouring bucket rain. I was so happy I had worn the correct attire of a white shirt…or not! So I strategically held the candy bucket and started passing and running through the rain. It turned out to be a lot of fun! Soggy but fun, and hey we got a free mcdizzles lunch!
What else has been new:

Went to Jusitn and Beckys wedding on Friday night. Very nice wedding. Wonderful cake! True success! It was fun to sit next to my grandma. She doesn’t have a censor button for her mouth. A few quote: 'Hey that could have been you standing up there.' Or sitting behind justins dad and stepmom and mom and saying. 'Well that has be awkward having two wives on each side.' OR asking me is justins stepmom was his sister. Omg….she also doesn’t have a whisper voice!

saw the movie grown ups! Five stars for that if you are looking for a good laugh!

Went to ulta. Three new colors [buy two get one free] my choice frenzy fiona! Yellow!

Went to grand haven today with em! Such a nice day! But we realzed there are sooo many people with tattoos. Tattoos everywhere!

Biked a new route: white pine trail with betsy and Lindsay

Picked raspberries with mom and betsy. Hmm probably the hottest day of the year. 90 something, sweating bullets!

Just found out that ochocincos dating show has begun and viewing it currently.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The common denominator

Besides the last name Lipinski!
We like treats! [a delayed post from over the weekend]
I know where my sweet tooth comes from. I have spent the last two weekends in traverse with just the parentals! Ha!
Day one: cherry pie and some ice cream.
Day Two: We biked to toms to get doughnuts and cookies [two kinds that is]. We walked to DQ! [first DQ of the year!] so delicious.
Day three: We walked to the local ice cream joint. Moomers- peanut butter oreo waffle cone! and a few more cookies thrown in there. they were the coconut with chocolate that i have always wanted to try!
A treat filled weekend!

Besides treats we enjoyed a lot of sun! beach! Reading, paddle boating, and even a sailboat ride [even though it was freezing cold water!] but it highlighted my fathers weekend to take us and we had a spectacular view of the blue angles air show. They flew right over us and it was awesome! To top it off we got to see the fireworks and come into to work late Monday! successes with those work chickens!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did you know today is special?

One may inquire why, so let me tell you! According to 91.3 it is chocolate day. Did you know that this existed? I sure didn’t, but I am willing to celebrate! This could make July 7 one of the better days of the years. Close to Christmas and possible even in front of July 11 aka free slupreeeee day!

So cheers to chocolate day. enjoy yourself!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like that boom boom pow

Them chickens jackin' my style
All week my work chickens have been jackin’ my style:
No Monday off! Ridiculous!
So I had to take desperate measures
1.highlight and bolding faxes that have other business that are CLOSED! and putting in the appropriate box. 2.every time someone aka a customer, would ask if we had Monday I would so umm no, yeah no we do not.[especially fun infront of my brother] 3. I would make sure to try to work in the fact that it is silly to be open at every opportunity 4.ask my dad on off work hours! get the picture
My results: my dad volunteered to ask my brother if I could come in late Monday morning [his idea not mine, but grand idea it was!]…..and the answer DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! Yes! Woot woot!

So tomorrow right after work I am head drop top riding all the way to traverse city!
Bring on the wonderful three day forecast:

Throw in a little family, biking, movies, goodies, and fireworks! And you got a pretty good looking fourth of july!