Sunday, January 31, 2010

why is my bed NOT calling me?

oh how I am pushing off the Mondays….I am just not feeling the going to work tomorrow. It brings back that feeling of Sundays in college. Staying at the parents house all day and then dreading the fact that I have to go back to the calvin [the cold long walk of shame back to the dorms with my laundry and groceries] I do not miss that days!

So I am prolonging tomorrow by:
Watching desperate housewives
Watching the grammy’s [hoping lady gaga wins some good stuff, just got a glimpse of her crazyyy outfit. Silver sparkles everywhere]
Researching how to make pita chips for em and betsy’s classy event Saturday night. I am going to embark on the domestic adventure bc 1. Lindsay and betsy made it sound easy, hope you are correct ladies. 2. because fricken pita chips are expensive and pita bread not so much. The dutch side of me kicked in full force!
Researching amazon for my madres bday

and once I finish with that I guess I will have to try to go to bed.

Tomorrow is FEBUARY!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

that is just dominican

As I sit here with about three layers of clothes, drinking hot tea and seeing the temp outside it is three degrees…yup I miss the dr!

Definition of my dr vacation: Fun in the sun, with good company.

1. great weather
2. beautiful destination. Condo nice, minus the cold showers and leaking washing machine.
3. great tour guides, great hospitality
4. swimming in the salty ocean
5. beach walks, tourist shopping
6. eating dinner on the beach [minus the sand flies, lots of bites]
7. driving styles: on the wrong side of the road. Ok. Five on a scooter. Again ok. Policeman waving their hands to slow you down from speeding. Ok. Passing on the right. Ok.
8. learning to play line up, reading magazines, half a book-whole book-half of a book.
9. dr grocery stores.
10. bon ice cream
11. palm trees
12. watching movies in a king bed
13. counting presidente signs
14. having marvinnnn cross four lanes of traffic to take a picture of the OPI store!
15. Carmel crunch bar mcflurries and 100 McDonald's employees
16. side yard dance parties
17. airplane rides, airport walk, airport ranking systems, au bon pain

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh how I have neglected thee

Back in the u-s-a
Working into the routine of things

One story on a Wednesday [not Tuesday]:
Dentist appointment this morning. Had the 7:30 am time [as to not miss to much work]. Hoping to relaxing and slowly wake up….not quite. I had chatty Kathy this morning.
Facts I now know: has a chunky 8 month old daughter Journey. Divorced once. Brother moving to Thailand to marry his internet found girlfriend. Spent $80 at children’s place and $25 at sears and $30 at kohl’s. Keeps her house at 64 degrees and makes her child wear 3 layers or clothes and two blankets to bed. Has vain in laws. The list could roll on, but I will spare you. [I was only there for 40 min]
Positive note: no cavities

DR adventure stories to follow. Loved it! [they have opis over there]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's a wrap...hollywood wrap

do you ever watch the soup? That phrase always makes me think of the soup anwaysss…here’s the wrap for my short work week [a little premature since I am at work but this is the only time I have]

in less then 24 hours I will be off, off to the dr. the list that stands between Michigan snow and dr sun…..
1.finish work. The ‘what to do’ list is made. The emails are flowing between my aunt and I. one being, will you have phone access. [I won’t, darn] feeling that I will finish in time. Adios [shall be working on my Spanish the next few days] MES--- 4 days of freedom! Woot woot!
2.go to cousins jewelry party. Hoping for new earnings.
3.finish packing. Oh I hate this, carry on-- minimal space, different weather, different regulations [thank you tsa] cring.
4.randoms: maybe meijers run for snacks and such.
5.wait for taxi service to pick me up. Thanks b!
6.sleep. Probably a few short hours since I am guessing we will be rising at about 430.
7.airport all day long.

Final thoughts before I leave the blogging world for a few days:
Bachelor review last night: the nanny with crazy boobs that wouldn’t kiss him, tease!! Major tease, who is she kidding. Drama drama drama and tears. And crazy exits. Where’s the limo???
Nails: have major bed wrinkles. But they are still pretty. The nail painting party was a hit last night. Three crazys in one room=awesome.
Gym: have you ever tried to put tights on after a 7 mile run and 5 min sports shower. Hmm I do not recommend.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

three cheers for tlc-twenty five dollar cardys-and parental sofas

a woman’s way on friday night: Em, betsy, beth and I hit up the new peppinos downtown for some pizza [and steak]. Now for all that do not know or have not visited here before this is a sports bar with about ten tvs on the wall, lots of gentlemen, HD sporting games, and a tv in each booth. Our request: do these get tlc--- bc yes to the dress is on?? Outcome: three cheers, high fives and laughs from our server. I know secretly that all the woman there wished they were in our seats!

a woman’s way on a saturday: started the day with a run. Thought I would turn the heater on in my bathroom and finish up the laundry. Well that is too much power requirement for the alrington home. Being the wise home owner went right down stairs to the fuse box….didn’t think that was the problem, but when dougie the maintenance man came to the rescue…. Au contraire, just the top fuse. Darn.
Just a slight delay but then headed off to delicious brunch with the girls at arnies and then went to the movie: it’s complicated. Very funny. I would put my stamp of approval on it. Since being at the mall---kp, em and I thought it would be best to at least do a little shopping. And that turned out to be a wise decision, since gap had their cardys on sale. we love cardys and they finally had boyfriend jeans that I love, patches and all.
After the shopping adventure it was a quick y visit and then relaxing for the rest of the night at ems, colts football and bridezilla.

A woman’s way Sunday: lots of cleaning and odds on in this morning. Much needed..why do I push it off so long. Then church. Then the rest of the day at the parents. little lunch-new quesadilla maker and brownies. Little nap. decorating decision finally decided on. Little tv. Little pilates. Little ausie open!!!!! Then home for a little desperate and ausie again. And then will eventually be bed.

count down to the dr….2 work days!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BIGGEST loser side comments from the chateau

I think that person is double us, wait no triple us
that disgusting processed food that looks delicious, we know you really eat it
they do not advertise that taco bell thing, you know the one that is a tortilla with cheese and then another tortilla with beans and meat, yeah that one. We are definitely getting that one before you leave!
seriously trident fruity gum does not satisfy sugar cravings, a hershey kiss may
we love patti.
he lost the weight of three infant children

Nothing like making red velvet cupcakes and watching a weight loss show, all in one night

Saturday, January 9, 2010

it arrived. dance party. lady gaga style.

In less than 24 hours. Picked Emily up at work. Drove to Chicago [through snow, angels around the car per shatto—aggressive driver] Only took one ipass lane Arrived at Rosemont theater. Saw many loving lady gaga fans [felt like a mountain man in my uggs compared to the fish nets, stilettos, shorty shorts, and cakes of makeup] Jason duerlo ripped his shirt off, preformed watcha say-hot. Walked up to row p when I think there were only seats to row q. opps. GAGA took stage. First outfit need a battery pack Second outfit may have been red and leather Third outfit required boob being tucked back in Fourth outfit crow inspired Fifth outfit pointed bra Sixth seventh eight….all as crazy. One big dance party. Performance was phased [awesomely ridiculous…..] Loved it! Lived up to expectations! Drove to gwens. Arrived in bed at 130. Up at 9. Left by 10. Home by 1.

Thank you gaga for this adventure

lady moments [laying down on the ground saying I am like Tinkerbelle, if you do not love me I will DIE] [video of blond gaga throwing up tiffany blue on brown gaga] [raise your hand in the shape of a claw, this is what you tell other monsters] [standing straight up playing the on a burnt piano] [having a fake machine gun pointed at the fans…slight terrified] [I think I am sexy]

Friday, January 8, 2010

Last night I was thinking of three ways shoveling has affected my life….

1.shovel soil. Something that took place not so long ago in my kitchen/kitchen sink. I am trying to have a green thumb. Killed an orchard and rosemary plant. But I am proud to share that I have kept a huge plant (not sure what) flourishing for now a year and a half. My newest plant is ivy and that has been transferred to a larger pot, meaning so far so good. So as I see it even exchange.
2.shoveling food. I tend to do this at most meals but one in particular I am thinking of would be SB2007. The story went like this. Required to attend church on Sunday morning. Valid, we all like to go to church. But did we all want to attend the after brunch or lay out by the pool. Well I am guessing you know the answer. SO being the wise older mature captain I was I informed the new baby freshman. Shovel it in ladies, polity that is, and they all followed suit and we were by the pool by noon.
3. shovel snow. I think every time it begins to snow I get many thoughts running through my head. Oh how pretty-sucks to drive in-and most of all OH THE DRIVEWAY, and I hope my father doesn’t ask and reprimand me for not clearing the sidewalk, bc you know the city of GR does care!?!? Now I own a snow blower but seriously who remembers how to turn it on, and who wants to smell like gas the rest of the night. So I usually choose the method of shoveling. Every time I get out there the first thought that comes to my head is curse words, cold figures and toes, is it ever going to stop and one reoccurring thought I admit: oh I cant wait to be married and have my husband do this, or why isn’t there a nice boy that wants to come over and help. Dream world yes, and this again was validated last night when I was chatting with my friend Sarah on the phone and she informed me she was shoveling the driveway, she not her husband. Hmmm so that diminished my hopes of one day getting out of this task.

Those are my three profound thoughts on shoveling, have I caused you to think how shoveling effects your life?

Today is Friday, today is one eight twenty ten, today is LADY GAGA concert!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

loved being greeted by the fedex man today

because he brought me my lady gaga tickets.
quite the endeavor.
learned 10 CST means 11 my time duhh :)
11:01 sold out on ticketmaster
five tries on stubhub and they were mine
only using an hour of works time, priceless!

what a good day one-eight-twenty ten will be!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

20 10 or 2010…what are we calling it?

Funny: (some may think so, aka betsy)
father greeted me in church today, “wow I haven’t seen you in a year.” :)

so I did end up with four resolutions and hopefully I will hold to them, if not there is always next year.

NYE turned out to be really fun. Didn’t make it to the ball drop downtown, but did enjoy fun at the hawthorn house (ok I think that is the street, shatto advise later, at least I do not need directions to get there anymore) enjoyed a scrumptious dinner, followed by games and socializing, and plastic champagne glasses to top of the evening.

Lots of relaxing the rest of the weekend. Brown sweatpants, stripped sweatshirt, and slippers, no makeup was the attire for most of weekend.

Discovered two new shows: Bridezillas and platinum weddings.

Painted nails: add three new colors to the family.

Saw a ton of info commercials: perfect brownie pan or giant cupcake….in want of both!

ps: envelope...yup that is MY yes MY lady gaga tickets having to be sent back. 10 am tomorrow morning, that will be the fate.