Sunday, January 31, 2010

why is my bed NOT calling me?

oh how I am pushing off the Mondays….I am just not feeling the going to work tomorrow. It brings back that feeling of Sundays in college. Staying at the parents house all day and then dreading the fact that I have to go back to the calvin [the cold long walk of shame back to the dorms with my laundry and groceries] I do not miss that days!

So I am prolonging tomorrow by:
Watching desperate housewives
Watching the grammy’s [hoping lady gaga wins some good stuff, just got a glimpse of her crazyyy outfit. Silver sparkles everywhere]
Researching how to make pita chips for em and betsy’s classy event Saturday night. I am going to embark on the domestic adventure bc 1. Lindsay and betsy made it sound easy, hope you are correct ladies. 2. because fricken pita chips are expensive and pita bread not so much. The dutch side of me kicked in full force!
Researching amazon for my madres bday

and once I finish with that I guess I will have to try to go to bed.

Tomorrow is FEBUARY!!!


  1. post how the pita making goes... i want to try it too... but my even cheeper dutch side wants to make sure it works before i buy the pitas :)

  2. any luck with the pita recipe? I think the key is hot hot hot!