Saturday, January 30, 2010

that is just dominican

As I sit here with about three layers of clothes, drinking hot tea and seeing the temp outside it is three degrees…yup I miss the dr!

Definition of my dr vacation: Fun in the sun, with good company.

1. great weather
2. beautiful destination. Condo nice, minus the cold showers and leaking washing machine.
3. great tour guides, great hospitality
4. swimming in the salty ocean
5. beach walks, tourist shopping
6. eating dinner on the beach [minus the sand flies, lots of bites]
7. driving styles: on the wrong side of the road. Ok. Five on a scooter. Again ok. Policeman waving their hands to slow you down from speeding. Ok. Passing on the right. Ok.
8. learning to play line up, reading magazines, half a book-whole book-half of a book.
9. dr grocery stores.
10. bon ice cream
11. palm trees
12. watching movies in a king bed
13. counting presidente signs
14. having marvinnnn cross four lanes of traffic to take a picture of the OPI store!
15. Carmel crunch bar mcflurries and 100 McDonald's employees
16. side yard dance parties
17. airplane rides, airport walk, airport ranking systems, au bon pain


  1. I think you need to make the OPI sign part of your official blog photos! :)

  2. ahh I forgot about the 4 lanes of traffic for OPI! ahha I just did my DR post