Saturday, January 9, 2010

it arrived. dance party. lady gaga style.

In less than 24 hours. Picked Emily up at work. Drove to Chicago [through snow, angels around the car per shatto—aggressive driver] Only took one ipass lane Arrived at Rosemont theater. Saw many loving lady gaga fans [felt like a mountain man in my uggs compared to the fish nets, stilettos, shorty shorts, and cakes of makeup] Jason duerlo ripped his shirt off, preformed watcha say-hot. Walked up to row p when I think there were only seats to row q. opps. GAGA took stage. First outfit need a battery pack Second outfit may have been red and leather Third outfit required boob being tucked back in Fourth outfit crow inspired Fifth outfit pointed bra Sixth seventh eight….all as crazy. One big dance party. Performance was phased [awesomely ridiculous…..] Loved it! Lived up to expectations! Drove to gwens. Arrived in bed at 130. Up at 9. Left by 10. Home by 1.

Thank you gaga for this adventure

lady moments [laying down on the ground saying I am like Tinkerbelle, if you do not love me I will DIE] [video of blond gaga throwing up tiffany blue on brown gaga] [raise your hand in the shape of a claw, this is what you tell other monsters] [standing straight up playing the on a burnt piano] [having a fake machine gun pointed at the fans…slight terrified] [I think I am sexy]

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  1. love the video! you guys look so cute in the photos, maybe a little tame for a Gaga concert buuuuuut....