Friday, January 8, 2010

Last night I was thinking of three ways shoveling has affected my life….

1.shovel soil. Something that took place not so long ago in my kitchen/kitchen sink. I am trying to have a green thumb. Killed an orchard and rosemary plant. But I am proud to share that I have kept a huge plant (not sure what) flourishing for now a year and a half. My newest plant is ivy and that has been transferred to a larger pot, meaning so far so good. So as I see it even exchange.
2.shoveling food. I tend to do this at most meals but one in particular I am thinking of would be SB2007. The story went like this. Required to attend church on Sunday morning. Valid, we all like to go to church. But did we all want to attend the after brunch or lay out by the pool. Well I am guessing you know the answer. SO being the wise older mature captain I was I informed the new baby freshman. Shovel it in ladies, polity that is, and they all followed suit and we were by the pool by noon.
3. shovel snow. I think every time it begins to snow I get many thoughts running through my head. Oh how pretty-sucks to drive in-and most of all OH THE DRIVEWAY, and I hope my father doesn’t ask and reprimand me for not clearing the sidewalk, bc you know the city of GR does care!?!? Now I own a snow blower but seriously who remembers how to turn it on, and who wants to smell like gas the rest of the night. So I usually choose the method of shoveling. Every time I get out there the first thought that comes to my head is curse words, cold figures and toes, is it ever going to stop and one reoccurring thought I admit: oh I cant wait to be married and have my husband do this, or why isn’t there a nice boy that wants to come over and help. Dream world yes, and this again was validated last night when I was chatting with my friend Sarah on the phone and she informed me she was shoveling the driveway, she not her husband. Hmmm so that diminished my hopes of one day getting out of this task.

Those are my three profound thoughts on shoveling, have I caused you to think how shoveling effects your life?

Today is Friday, today is one eight twenty ten, today is LADY GAGA concert!

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  1. Nice post, very thought provoking! :) Hope Gaga was good!