Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh how I have neglected thee

Back in the u-s-a
Working into the routine of things

One story on a Wednesday [not Tuesday]:
Dentist appointment this morning. Had the 7:30 am time [as to not miss to much work]. Hoping to relaxing and slowly wake up….not quite. I had chatty Kathy this morning.
Facts I now know: has a chunky 8 month old daughter Journey. Divorced once. Brother moving to Thailand to marry his internet found girlfriend. Spent $80 at children’s place and $25 at sears and $30 at kohl’s. Keeps her house at 64 degrees and makes her child wear 3 layers or clothes and two blankets to bed. Has vain in laws. The list could roll on, but I will spare you. [I was only there for 40 min]
Positive note: no cavities

DR adventure stories to follow. Loved it! [they have opis over there]

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  1. Ok so that is almost as bad as having a massage therapist who talks the entire time. That is horrible.