Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's a wrap...hollywood wrap

do you ever watch the soup? That phrase always makes me think of the soup anwaysss…here’s the wrap for my short work week [a little premature since I am at work but this is the only time I have]

in less then 24 hours I will be off, off to the dr. the list that stands between Michigan snow and dr sun…..
1.finish work. The ‘what to do’ list is made. The emails are flowing between my aunt and I. one being, will you have phone access. [I won’t, darn] feeling that I will finish in time. Adios [shall be working on my Spanish the next few days] MES--- 4 days of freedom! Woot woot!
2.go to cousins jewelry party. Hoping for new earnings.
3.finish packing. Oh I hate this, carry on-- minimal space, different weather, different regulations [thank you tsa] cring.
4.randoms: maybe meijers run for snacks and such.
5.wait for taxi service to pick me up. Thanks b!
6.sleep. Probably a few short hours since I am guessing we will be rising at about 430.
7.airport all day long.

Final thoughts before I leave the blogging world for a few days:
Bachelor review last night: the nanny with crazy boobs that wouldn’t kiss him, tease!! Major tease, who is she kidding. Drama drama drama and tears. And crazy exits. Where’s the limo???
Nails: have major bed wrinkles. But they are still pretty. The nail painting party was a hit last night. Three crazys in one room=awesome.
Gym: have you ever tried to put tights on after a 7 mile run and 5 min sports shower. Hmm I do not recommend.

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