Sunday, January 3, 2010

20 10 or 2010…what are we calling it?

Funny: (some may think so, aka betsy)
father greeted me in church today, “wow I haven’t seen you in a year.” :)

so I did end up with four resolutions and hopefully I will hold to them, if not there is always next year.

NYE turned out to be really fun. Didn’t make it to the ball drop downtown, but did enjoy fun at the hawthorn house (ok I think that is the street, shatto advise later, at least I do not need directions to get there anymore) enjoyed a scrumptious dinner, followed by games and socializing, and plastic champagne glasses to top of the evening.

Lots of relaxing the rest of the weekend. Brown sweatpants, stripped sweatshirt, and slippers, no makeup was the attire for most of weekend.

Discovered two new shows: Bridezillas and platinum weddings.

Painted nails: add three new colors to the family.

Saw a ton of info commercials: perfect brownie pan or giant cupcake….in want of both!

ps: envelope...yup that is MY yes MY lady gaga tickets having to be sent back. 10 am tomorrow morning, that will be the fate.


  1. I do appreciate Dougie's comment, sounds just like something Philbert would say! :)

  2. Thank you to Betsy for explaining why your blog is named what it is. I was like, "What is a OPEEE?" I thought it was a soriety or something.

  3. hahah oh yes, nail polish!! :) what fun it can bring!