Sunday, January 17, 2010

three cheers for tlc-twenty five dollar cardys-and parental sofas

a woman’s way on friday night: Em, betsy, beth and I hit up the new peppinos downtown for some pizza [and steak]. Now for all that do not know or have not visited here before this is a sports bar with about ten tvs on the wall, lots of gentlemen, HD sporting games, and a tv in each booth. Our request: do these get tlc--- bc yes to the dress is on?? Outcome: three cheers, high fives and laughs from our server. I know secretly that all the woman there wished they were in our seats!

a woman’s way on a saturday: started the day with a run. Thought I would turn the heater on in my bathroom and finish up the laundry. Well that is too much power requirement for the alrington home. Being the wise home owner went right down stairs to the fuse box….didn’t think that was the problem, but when dougie the maintenance man came to the rescue…. Au contraire, just the top fuse. Darn.
Just a slight delay but then headed off to delicious brunch with the girls at arnies and then went to the movie: it’s complicated. Very funny. I would put my stamp of approval on it. Since being at the mall---kp, em and I thought it would be best to at least do a little shopping. And that turned out to be a wise decision, since gap had their cardys on sale. we love cardys and they finally had boyfriend jeans that I love, patches and all.
After the shopping adventure it was a quick y visit and then relaxing for the rest of the night at ems, colts football and bridezilla.

A woman’s way Sunday: lots of cleaning and odds on in this morning. Much needed..why do I push it off so long. Then church. Then the rest of the day at the parents. little lunch-new quesadilla maker and brownies. Little nap. decorating decision finally decided on. Little tv. Little pilates. Little ausie open!!!!! Then home for a little desperate and ausie again. And then will eventually be bed.

count down to the dr….2 work days!

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