Sunday, October 3, 2010

four days of agendas

Birthday celebration-round two
Out downtown with the family. Bc my parents were gone on my birthday we delayed our family celebration for awhile! So this years restaurant choice was 25 kitchen. It was so good. I had a lobster sandwich and then we shared THREE desserts! That made me happy. We also got to see some of art prize before and after.

Art prize-round three
Went downtown with betsy and got to see a few more of the pieces. Not the best at timing again bc I have still not made it in the art museum, bc it closes to early. It was such a nice night to walk around though and a fun night with the bogo!

Rocking out in the mini:
This weekend was BHS fall outing---em’s work took everyone to the grand traverse resort for a weekend away. I was em’s sister or daughter for the weekend. I loved it!
Saturday agenda:
9:00 ran/biked
10:30 got the breakfast buffet [must hit it twice to make a buffet according to shatto]
1:00 hit the bead store
2:00 traveled up the peninsula for a little site seeing and wine tasting, beautiful!
5:00 Got a mani, diva of Geneva
7:00 dinner, main part of the outing
11:30 first trip to the casino with the $10 dollar hotel voucher. Lets see I tried out the penny slots and won 4.11. woot woot cashed in on that!
2:45 hit the bed.
Rolled out of bed this morning and made our way home. Such a fun time away! Liked meeting em’s coworkers and just a nice time away! Thanks mom ohhh thanks for taking me on the elevator ride up the tower.

this week will bring: healthy eating, lots of sleep, BECAUSE one week from today is the MARATHON! oh the excitement and nerves bottled up together!

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