Wednesday, October 27, 2010

professional dog walker

Of purse size dogs only, that will be my niche. Reason one to move to NYC. Get your exercise and cash, in one big giant swoop of a day through central park. Reason two: become a taxi cab driver, already quick on the breaks and get to people watch all the crazies of crazies times the millions. Reason three: cause NYC weekend away was wonderful, such a fun city to be in and experience. I was a true tourist. At times had the camera around my neck, the map in my hand, and my eyes to the sky. Took it all in starting at the statue of liberty. Went on the ferry to go over to island, but we decided not to wait in yet another line, so stayed on the boat for a loop around! We also went to the empire state building, Rockefeller center [ice-skating is out!] and top of the rock [awesome views], times square [busyyyy], ground zero, central park [beautiful and huge], little Italy, double-decker bus tour [day and night], a few museums, and shopping. Via 5th avenue, times square, china town, and other places that popped up along the way. We also went to Broadway play: promise, promise with Kristin chenowert, molly Shannon, sean hayes. Very funny! Being a Lipinski girl means you know how to pack in fun filled three day adventure!

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  1. Let's say {hypothetically of course} you're terrified of dogs - then what?! Also, way to pack, those tall boots must have been a trick! I'm amazed at your packing prowess!