Monday, October 11, 2010


Time i crossed the finished line! Major form of relief. I did it!
chicago marathon under my belt. first item off the bucket list! what an awesome experience to have, but one i will probably never want to experience again!
3:44:38 minutes of running may have just been a tad too much! :) but still glad I gave it a go. So neat to see so many people running and cheering! My response to the: how are you feeling today? Answer: it is great to sit, so-so to walk, not good on the stairs or lifting of the legs. This is one day i am thrilled to have a desk job!

So thankful for all the encouragement of my friends and family through it all and race day, made it so much more rewarding! Truly blessed! Plus the runners for susan g komen raised an awesome amount of money. Truly felt the impact when talking with the coordinator at the fundraising tent and just how appreciative he was of the ‘teams’ effort and the money we raised and now all the opportunities it will be able to bring! So neat to hear! So thank you!!

Not only was the marathon awesome but so was the weekend. Hit a football game with the bogo on Firday night. Drove down to Chicago Saturday morning and in true Lipinski style had to make a pitstop at cabelas [hunting mecca!] Dougie gave himself a 45 min shopping limit. While he shopped we [bets mom and i] roamed the store, through the general store free fudge samples, the talking deer history museum thing, the aquarium, and up the escalator to the check out the cafĂ© and the gun range. So much goodness in one place! Headed the rest of the way to the doubletree [yummy cookies at the check in] Then out on MI Ave to H&M, pasta dinner...CARBS! Then garretts popcorn line hmm yes 45 min is worth the goodness…and then bed!! Up and at it at 5:45am….to ring in 10-10-10!


  1. Wow Kari, good for you! That is inspiring.

  2. Great pics, Kari. Denny and I were just talking about how we should have a bucket list. Guess we're a little late starting. So very proud of you!