Sunday, October 17, 2010

boo to the zoo

first fallish activity. Boo in the zoo with the cousins, which turned out to be my aunt, uncle, grandma, betsy, and my mom! it was such a beautiful day out and nice to be at that zoo. Probably had been about five years since my last visit. I did not forget though how smelly the zoo is! ha! still plugged my noise through the penguins area [mom informed me that i use to do the same thing when i was little] still have a sensitive noise! Still dislike the petting zoo, watch from outside the gate. Still really like the monkeys. Which the gorilla butts are sooo gross. grandma made that point, jean made that point. my mom made that point...ok so we all made that point. we are maturer! Also harry was very into the bear poop. made me take a picture.

Ratings for the weekend:
Friday night made my first trip to the wealthy street bakery. it-was-good. thumbs up! chocolate thing we ordered good good. not happy though, they do not have ketchup. [got a strange look for that question, one of the many actually that night from the worker girl]

went to two movies: I thought it was good. little long. i would rate rent it.
social network. Really liked it, very interesting. I would say go out and see it!

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