Monday, October 18, 2010

Consumer reporting.

So my mom as buys these lovely mints. You know the good stuff, really expensive 1.99 Wintergreen icebreakers. The disc shape container, opens on each side. there is a ‘to share’ or ‘not to share’ tabs. Let me ask you this: why is the ‘to share’ tab allow only a few mints out and the ‘not to share’ opens half way to allow as many as you want. what is wrong with this?? We can only share a few at a time, but we selfishly can have as many as we want!?!? you would icebrakers mint disc container maker. What are we teaching our children! ;-) I think about this every time I have one. You can call me crazy but I do!!! Does any one else notice/get bugged by this or is it just me?!?! Just a consumer reporting to another consumer. take it or leave it!

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