Friday, October 29, 2010

throw it back yo

throwback friday!!!!
Throwback one: MUSIC
Ashlee Simpson this morning. brought me back to the good old days. Pieces of me. l.o.v.e. autobiography. just a few of her awesome songs.
Throwback two: CANDY
seafoam! was delivered by the pound to my desk yesterday. ahhh just the smell itself is good. thank you grandma school bus for not only leaving a legacy of love for seafoam but also for introducing me to the tv show friends.

Throwback three: HALLOWEEN
The one day a year it is cool to be thrilled with candy and the sugar buzz is accepted as normal! and you even get to play dress up. This year could bring about many outfits, as I have three possible Halloween events. Possibly and not exclusive to one: Waldo, mary kate and ashley olsen. tennis chicks. ballerinas. OPI bottles…endless ideas!

So dance dance wherever you are today, live it up, and throw it back Friday!

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