Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loops hoops and gaganess

Yesterday morning was a total adrenalin rush! Got into work and checked my email. The 3rd faithful friend had emailed regarding lady gaga coming to grand rapids MARCH 1st. So I quickly jumped on ticketmaster to check out the status of when I could purchase the tickets. Found out that at 10am [1hr and 38 mins] presale for citi card holders would take place. I did not have citi card….soooo mission: find someone that was. I sent out an exclamation filled email to some friends and no one had one, asked my brother, nope. Asked my dad---- YES! But it was expired and the new one was shredded last week. SOOOO I begged and reluctantly he got on the phone with citi card to see if we could get the information to use on line….now they would not tell us the three digit code[but it was the same as the old thank goodness] or the expiration date…but said we would have three guesses on that. So after all that loops and hoops, the rest seems easy. So waited, piddled, clocked watched…and then got on right at 10am. clicked on the presale, got the tickets pending. Put in the expiration date. WRONG- my heart sank. Tried it again! And the TICKETS became mine! Ahhh relief. Heart stopped racing and arms went fist pumping dancing style in the air! Ladies and gentleman [probably do not have any man readers but] March 1st I will be getting to see miss gaga at van andel arena. Bahhhh I am pumped and sooo pumped that miss em and g will witness it also!!! Yesterday at 1 I had finally come down from my lady gaga high and realized it is six months away. So now I shall wait patiently for the day to arrive and until then I will continue my lady loving!

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