Thursday, September 16, 2010

duff nuff stuff

Thanks to miss g unit we had front row seats and a ticket to the VIP party when duff [ace of cakes] came to devos. Fun night, cool to be able to see the cake and enjoy some goodness too!
From the outside he seemed normal, funny, and nice.
From the inside scoop aka g unit: none of the above.
The verdict was out, but I say nuff with the duff.

Other notes.
1. Did some personal grooming. Hair cut and highlight…ahhh feel like a woman, new woman!
2. miss lady g outfit countdown. T-2 and still not have been to the store. Brainstorm. Thinking red….lipstick, glasses, nails!?!? dont worry there will be more. we like crazy but not that crazy
3. loving the new ellen season!

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