Sunday, September 19, 2010

over the hills: two ways.

[1] in my age. Hit the peak now on the way down. Twenty six years old yesterday. Called an old lady quite a few times., booo! How was my day spent on this lovely sept. 18, 2010. woke up early to some rain…piddled around until the rain subsided. Then got my run on….20 miles worth of running. Happy birthday to me, right!?!? Skyped with my parents, included a rendition of happy birthday! And then the fun continued on. Miss shatto took me to jv nails for a mani and a PEDI. The tradition shall carry on. [same box filled with a new opi to be used on a your birthday mani, long live this tradition for many years to come]
[2] outfit of choice. This year birthday theme was Hollywood, glitz and glam. And who else could I be [well other than lady gaga but forever 21 was not producing any gaganess] sooo drum roll……Lauren Conrad from the hills, BFF audrina was in attendance [I have no idea how her presence was made…I mean she has her premier of dancing with the stars tomorrow!] Lots of fun seeing what the guest would come as. Enjoyed a lovely coldstone cake compliments of gwen aka Lindsay lohan. Enjoyed many photo ops in our man made photo booth in the basement. Enjoyed lots of laughs during movie charadesgame. And just had a great time due to all my wonderful friends that made my day extra special!!!
Please feel free to browse through a few of the paparazzi shots:

So as they say on E, it’s a wrap Hollywood style. Another year is in the books, cant wait to see what another 364 days will bring!

Ps: thank you kp x10 for sharing your blog with us all, that was one of my better bday presents :)

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