Sunday, September 26, 2010

banned to the basement

the Rollerblades.
we are going on day four after the accident in riverside park. For all of you who are not aware. I took a little spill via the blades over a down piece of brush, which left me with a HUGE very sore lower left bummm scrape. first day at work i rotated the stand, kneel, awkwardly sit sequence....second day it was just the gingerly sit and hope to not have to walk around too much. now that it is day four we are pretty much use to it just being a pain in my a**. [child censored readers!] so anyway i am hoping in a few more days to be fully recovered meaning fully being able to pee with out squatting, wear jeans without cringing and walk with out hobbling. Yes i know i was warned by many the blades are dangerous, i hear you now and they are now safely pack away in the basement with a pending sale sign tied to them!

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