Monday, September 13, 2010

heyo i'm just the bun

heyo to the camp ground:
grand haven state park was invaded by some fine ladies. we hotdogged it in the tent. three to one air mattress aka i was just the bun! such a fun time hanging out by the campfire, roasting marshmallows, burning them cough cough [gwen limited to my number of throw backs!] late night chats, shared family bathrooms and quick pack up in the sprinkles...our form of camping when it rains pack it up and go out to breakfast!

heyo to mondays profound tweet [for you all without twitter, join i need followers:
i feel like we have come to the day when you get a wrong number you need to leave a voicemail to avoid the awkward call back

heyo to monday night:
first night of flag football! hmm i really had no idea what to expect or actually how to play. only played for a little bit tonight, just feeling it out. i like to refer to myself as a good cheerleader and observer. we have one very intense player Dominic....other than teammates seem cool. especially the bogo!!!

heyo to the count to bday party:
Hollywood interpretation. glitzed and glam version of lady gaga, duhhh. how can that be. i mean she wore meat to the VMAs but i will try...and i will give it a valiant effort and justice to her and be the most glamorous version of her i can be!

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