Monday, September 6, 2010

yoga pants

were giving the definition: most fun loving and forgiving friend, they adjust around the waist and even cushion the muffin top! this is what i spent most of my holiday weekend/vacation in. [refer to pictures below! haha]
quotes to sum up the tc fun:
---my back hurts from sleeping and laying around so much!
---this isn't a sixteens year old body anymore
---we are on vacation, all rules out the window
---we are domestic divas, i mean we cooked and we cleaned up!
---is it legal to discriminate on a hooter applications?
---when you pass sugar beach, put your blinker on.
---[in yelling tone] go back and get the product.
---thats nine bones yo. guys kinda look like lesbians, ohhhh retake the photo! [thanks for having our backs linds]
---three speedys in three days
---dont worry we drive a jet
---mini cooper lady: you girls are having way too much fun!
---yumm diet coke, eat it d.i.ff
---you will throw away your bra now.
---i had a dance party by myself, yeah before you got back, yeah without any music, yeah the tv wasnt on.


  1. HAHA! the dance party! :) I totally did! hehehe

  2. what a great weekend!
    I like the BOGO photo- good choice... the hands were too much :)

  3. You got really cool pics there. I see that you are having so much fun and the yoga pants looks good on you. Margarita yoga