Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday xtwo + football

Birthday number one. Miss bethie. I am so bad at keeping surprise but I didn’t let this cat out of the bag. We meet downtown at the viceroy and waited for bethie, when she walked in the door we yelled surprised and got to see a very cute reaction. It was a really fun time! After that we ventured downtown to take in some of the artprize goodness, so cool….loving all the downtown excitement!

Birthday number two: Saturday/Sunday deal was jimmy bs birthday celebration. We roadtripped up to traverse city for dinner celebration, spent the night and woke up bright [515 dark] and early morning. It was very very very chilly morning and we didn’t catch any fish but it was still really fun regardless! Raodtripped it back from Leland to traverse city for some bob evans goodness and then all the way home! Lots of car naps and heat got us all back to good old gr for a lazy rest of a Sunday afternoon.

Football: tonight the jonny b green machine [ok so I just cant remember the team name] took its first lost! Sad day but we are now two and one. And lets be honest I really don’t care, I was just happy bc I did my first thing in the game, pulled a flag! Woot woot I participated!!! After we went out to the cantina with the team, enjoyed the social bunch and some good chips and salsa! Got home and watched a little dancing with the stars and now will be calling it a night!

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